How To Calm Your Second Interview Jitters

The second interview can be a very tough experience for some candidates, especially if they really want the job. The pressure to perform well is often too much to bear and many people may become burdened by self-doubt or even portray themselves as overexcited in the interview. Luckily, there are ways that you can overcome these feelings of anxiety before your second interview.

In this blog post, tips will be offered to assist candidates in making it through their next round of interviews with ease!

Fully prepare

To ensure a good nights sleep the night before – which is very important – you should be as prepared as you can be. This means: Researching common interview questions and rehearsing appropriate answers, some people like to choose an outfit the night before to relieve stress in the morning and, if the interview is going to be virtual, make sure your technology is in order.

Remember to think positively! It may sound cliché but it’s extremely important. Those who are able to maintain a positive attitude will be more confident in their abilities and better at portraying themselves as an ideal candidate. They will also have the ability to stay calm under pressure which is essential during the second interview process where there can be more stress than the initial interview.

Take a moment to reflect back on your last meeting with your potential employer. What went well? Were you at ease or did you feel nervous and uncomfortable? Think about how this could have been improved upon if possible.

You are the perfect candidate

Remember, someone has seen your resume and cover letter and chose you to come back for a second interview. You should feel proud! Allow this to make you feel more confident and at ease. That isn’t to say that you should act like you’ve already got the job but you should show your best business face and help the employer learn you would be a great asset to their company through your actions and your answers to their questions.

Take care of yourself 

It is important that leading up to your interview, you are in the right frame of mind. This may seem difficult because of interviews appearing stressful but, with a little self-care, they don’t have to be. As mentioned previously, it is important you have a good night’s sleep. It is also important that you have a ‘full of nutrients’ type of filling meal. People also find it calming to do something prior to the interview so that they aren’t counting down the minutes, such as reading or listening to music.  It is important that you make sure to breathe and try breathing exercises to slow your heart rate as this is a for sure way of calming yourself.

What comes after?

A good suggestion so that you aren’t sat worrying about the outcome of the interview is to plan something to do after such as going on a walk, having a meal or anything that can get you out of the house for a while. Although it may seem tempting to check your phone constantly, try not to become too obsessive as this practice will not calm your nerves but instead will heighten your anxiety.

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