How Podcasts Can Become a Major Recruitment Tool

We live in a world of podcasts. They are everywhere, and they have become more popular than ever before – so much so that people who don’t even listen to them might be able to tell you about podcasting. It’s easy for companies to create their podcast on the fly, which makes it an excellent recruitment tool.

This blog post will give you some ideas on how podcasting can be used as part of your recruiting strategy.

The General Rise in the Popularity of Podcasts

With podcast usage expected to top 132 million US citizens by 2022 contrasting with the 2019 rate being only 16 million, it is clear to see that this format is gaining popularity. So what does this mean for you? With the greatest demographic of podcasts being between the ages of 12 and 34, when it comes to recruiting, people leaving college, being more educated, or having experience for the careers you have to offer, your targeted age range is most likely within this group, which is all the more reason to start a podcast!

How Easy is it to Make a Podcast?

What makes podcasts so simple to produce is the fact that there are several high-quality programs accessible to you, all of which include training videos on how to utilize them. To make one requires no special talents or skills. Anyone can do it. This, in conjunction with the fact that there is no need to buy a camera, such as you would if you wanted to start a youtube channel, makes it even more cost-effective.

The average listen time of a podcast listener is between 30-45 minutes so it is recommended that you try to keep within that time bracket per episode. But to find your edge, it pays to know your audience and their habits. A 45 year old most probably has a different average listening time to an 18-year-old. Another helpful tip would be to decide when you want to have your podcast broadcasted i.e in the morning, at lunchtime, or in the afternoon. The time frame you choose will affect the tone you use as you wouldn’t want to be too energetic in the morning as it won’t translate well for those who just woke up and want something to listen to with their morning coffee.

Different Ways Companies Can Use Podcasts in the Recruitment Process

Firstly, It is known that the more platforms you make yourself available on, the higher your viewership could be. Aside from this, splicing and recycling your podcasts on social media will increase impressions and engagement.

Every podcast you make doesn’t exclusively have to be about the job roles you offer but can also be an opportunity to have others know that you are ‘on trend’. Covering topics such as: ‘How to give your CV a greater chance of getting looked at’ or ‘how to avoid nervous jitters when attending a video-call-style interview’, will help candidates realize that your podcast wants to genuinely help people as well. This can also help bring some company culture to the podcasts and can get candidates to recommend your podcast to their friends.

How To Use Your Podcast In a Way That Introduces Candidates to Your Company

Having your candidates listen to your podcast can help them understand several things. For one thing, hearing two coworkers converse with each other may demonstrate to the applicant what the company’s culture is all about, and for another, it may be a fantastic opportunity for them to hear all of the great things their coworkers have to say about the firm.

For example, the two employees might discuss where they began at the company, how long they’ve worked there, and the benefits they’ve received while employed there. This is beneficial because instead of telling the applicant about the possibilities open to them during the interview, the interviewer may show him or her other individuals who have accepted those chances and seen success.

Another way to use your podcast could be to introduce the essential skills required for the job role and then making podcasts on how to develop those skills. Productivity is a hot topic among workers at the moment, your company could pull the most productive employees and interview them to share their tips, tricks, and experience with candidates.

To sum up, podcasts can be a useful content tool to capture the spirit and culture of what your company is all about, whilst helping candidates develop their job-hunting skills at the same time. It’s a minimal investment with a huge return potential so it’s well worth an explore.

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