A La Carte Recruiting Services

On Call Recruiting (A La Carte service)

Sometimes our clients have limited budgets and limited internal resources. In these instances you can pick which of our services you require:

  • Pre-screening
  • Testing
  • Reference checking
  • Full interviews
  • Background checks
  • Behavioural interview design

You will still get our professional quality service but only pay a set hourly rate which is more cost effective and budget friendly.

Why Choose Career Connections

There are several reasons to consider the use of an external recruitment partner and Career Connections in particular, which include;

Career Connections Expertise – Nobody knows the employment marketplace better than recruiters who have their ear to the ground every day.

Career Connections Access – Our recruiters are talking to talented people every day. We have a detailed roadmap to hidden talent sources that can’t be accessed by newspaper ads or the Internet. Often the best people simply aren’t looking in the want ads for something new—they’re busy working for your competitors.

Career Connections Corporate Confidentiality – Companies who end up losing or replacing people in key positions often don’t want their clients or competitors to know about it – this can be damaging to a company’s reputation, or set their competitors up to take advantage. Working with a recruiting firm ensures a smooth, quiet transition.

Career Connections Individual Confidentiality – Often, the best candidates are working for competing companies in your own industry. Out of professionalism and caution, may never send a resume to a direct competitor. Recruiters, however, can function as a safe intermediary.

Career Connections will Free Up Already Busy Internal Resources – Many companies don’t have in-house recruiting departments even though they may have an HR manager or HR department. Recruiting will end up taking busy senior managers away from their core jobs. Any cost savings realized by recruiting internally is quickly nullified when you calculate the number of hours it takes your senior managers to screen hundreds of resumes, telephone screen the short list, interview (face to face) those chosen from the pre-screen, set up follow up interviews, complete reference checks, background checks and so on. What if after all this a successful hiring decision is not made? Do you start again? Using an employment recruitment agency lets your team do what they do best.

How We Ensure You Get the Right Person

We have developed a tried and true system to ensure success with each recruiting assignment. Career Connections is careful to consistently follow our strategic approach every time for an unfailing result that will result in the best possible hire for you. Our methodology involves each of the following steps.

Actively pursue candidates not posting on public boards – One of the keys to our success is our ability to reach out, directly, to candidates who are not posting their resumes on job boards or other public forums. Some of the most valuable future employees are those who are happy where they are and would only consider moving for a significantly better opportunity.

Meticulously Screen Every Candidate Face to Face – In recent years there has been an increasing trend amongst our competitors to “phone screen” candidates and refer to the hiring contacts never having met the potential new employee face to face. Without that integral step it is very difficult to truly know our candidate and to assess, accurately, their fit in your environment.

Complete Full Due Diligence On All Prospective Candidates– Our screening process includes, but is not limited to, testing (based on their skill set), background screening and reference checking. All of the information gathered is made available to our client at any time.

Ensure Candidate Preparedness – Part of our success is due to our ability to coach the candidates on doing all the necessary things to succeed and do well in their interview. This includes how to research in advance and what to bring to their interview so they can “put their best foot forward”.

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